About Us

The Sunday School Union is comprised of  nine churches in and near Chesterfield Co., VA.  The Union, through its varied activities and events, aims to bridge the gap and share in the Christian Education experience so that our churches can combine their talents and efforts to the glorification and teaching of God's Word.

Mission Statement

The churches of the Sunday School Union are loving, spirit-filled bodies of Christ focusing on spreading the gospel throughout our community and the entire world by edifying and equipping the membership for effective ministry and worship, engaging in evangelism, supporting missions, and consistently studying and using the Word of God as our primary comprehensive guide. 


Our Officers

 Reverend Clementine Robinson - President
Deacon Beatrice Miller - Vice President
Sister Annie Banks - Chaplain
Reverend Kurt Wilson - Assistant Chaplain
Vacant - Secretary
Deaconess Frances Brown - Assistant Secretary
Deacon Charles Miller - Treasurer
Brother Tommie Johnson - Assistant Treasurer
Sister Judy Payne - Program Chairperson
Sister Marcia Cummings - Assistant Program Chairperson
Brother Recardo Kendrick - Institute Chairperson
Sister Kelly Brooks - Assistant Institute Chairperson
Sister Nicole Rhoades - Youth Forum Chairperson
Sister Patrice Thorpe - Assistant Youth Forum Chairperson
Sister Lanette Parham - Picnic Chairperson
Brother Calvin Thorpe - Assistant Picnic Chairperson
Sister Michelle Randolph - Scholarship Chairperson
Sister Wanda Parker - Assistant Scholarship Chairperson
Sister Tanya Booker - Website Administrator
Our Pastors
Pastor Ethyel Coleman - Bethlehem Baptist Church
Pastor Kevin Cook - Broad Rock Baptist Church
 Interim Deacon William Clements - Brown Grove Baptist Church
Pastor Pernell J. Johnson - First Baptist Midlothian
Pastor Vincent T. Williams - Mt. Nebo Baptist Church
Pastor Arly Pierre-Louis - Mt. Olive International Ministries
Pastor Wayne L. Moody - Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
Pastor Richard S. Johnson - Solid Rock Baptist Church
Pastor Gerald Stewart - United Baptist Church

Our Sunday School Superintendents
Brother Tommy Banks - Bethlehem Baptist Church
Deacon Sam Wiley - Broad Rock Baptist Church
 Sister Dale Turner - Brown Grove Baptist Church
Brother Recardo Kendrick - First Baptist Midlothian
Deaconess Joan Liggon - Mt. Nebo Baptist Church
Brother Bobby Scott - Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
Deacon Robert Smith - Solid Rock Baptist Church
Brother Tommie Johnson - United Baptist Church


Our Current Programs

Black History Tour
Youth Forum
Sunday School Institute
Sunday School Annual Picnic
5th Sunday Fellowships
Teacher's Workshop
Awarding of Scholarships